Lost.pvk and password

Hi All,

The team who has installed the BigFix in our environment have not kept the .pvk file in proper path also password they forget which they kept at the time of installation. Now we are in process to upgrade our BigFix version but due to .pvk and password we are unable to do the same.

Do we have any alternate option to do the same.

Open a support case and see what the options are. As you can imagine, even if there were any available nobody would share them in a public forum and expose the security of the system…

without the pvk file and the pvk password cannot be done nothing at all …

The only way I know of , is to create a new Serial Number with HCL license and download Center, create a new Server and then migrate all of the Clients to the new server, by using the best practices of course.

If you lose the Private key and it’s password, you can’t do anything with the system when you need to upgrade, update the masthead and such… - its just better the create a new server , and make migration of the Clients - Of course , contact HCL Support they could help in the process