Looking for the good CPM Version

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In the console I can see two tasks related to the CPM installation. One uses the version 1.6 SP1, the other one the version 10.6.

The Source release date for those two versions is 5/27/2009.

Does anybody know which one is the good one ?

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Are you referring to these two fixlet: Core Protection Module - Endpoint Deploy (Version 10.6) and Core Protection Module - Endpoint Deploy (Version 1.6 Service Pack 1)?

10.6 is the latest version. But as mentioned in the Important Notes for 1.6 SP1 fixlet:

"Trend Micro Core Protection Module 10.6 is now available. The latest version of Core Protection Module 10.6 Client provides several enhancements and fixes. You must upgrade the platform to 8.0 or above before upgrading your Core Protection Module. "

If your TEM version >= 8.0, please go ahead and deploy 10.6, otherwise, 1.6sp1.

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Thank you for your answer. I was indeed referring to those two fixlets. My TEM version is 8.2 and I used to deploy the fixlet with the highest version (actually the fixlet with 1.6 version was hidden globally), but now it requires SP3 for windows XP and my environment is windows XP SP2.

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Strange… can you verify it again that it is “sp2” caused the unrelevance?

I check the relevance of 10.6 deploy fixlet, it checks:

((name of it as lowercase = “winxp” OR name of it as lowercase = “winxp-2003”) AND (service pack major version of it >= 1)) of (operating system)

according to this, sp2 should be relevant.

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Actually there was a fixlet : “Core Protection Module - Ineligible for Install - Insufficient Software Resources” (description below) which was relevant for the computer which need to be configured. And the fixlet CPM V10.6 was not relevant. So I’ve unhided the fixlet with the CPM V1.6 and I’ve installed this one.

Now in the summary tab of the computer, I can see “Program Version : 1.6 Service Pack 1”. For the others computers (deployed before the 10.6 version of CPM) it’s “Program Version : 10.5”.

I have some computers with windows xp sp3 and for them I can see a fixlet “Core Protection Module - Upgrade Endpoint”, but it doesn’t appear for computers with windows xp SP2.


The computers listed here do not meet the minimum operating system and/or service pack requirements necessary to install the Core Protection Module endpoint software. The listed machines will not become relevant for the endpoint deploy task.

These requirements for the platform are as follows:

BES Client Version 8.0 or higher

These requirements for Windows are as follows:

Windows XP SP2+ on x64 platforms

Windows XP SP3+ on x86 platforms

Windows 2003 SP1+

Windows Vista

Windows 2008 (R2 requires BES client version >= 7.2.5)

Windows 7 (requires BES client version >= 7.2.5)

These requirements for Mac are as follows:

Mac OS X version 10.4.11 (Tiger) or higher

Mac OS X version 10.5.5 (Leopard) or higher

Mac OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard)