Long String results -AutoPilot hardware hash

Has anyone successfully worked around the limitation for the number of characters that can be retrieved using relevance? The Hardware Hash for Autopilot can be 4k+ characters long and the relevance results will only retrieve ~1k (though i’m seeing quite a few references that there is a 512 character limitation). We have thought to potentially break it into several properties but that is quite a large number of properties that would have to be pieced back together later.

We have ran the powershell command to create the csv file but we were trying collect the hardware details in a property to reference later.

Any ideas?

Very large property results should be used sparingly because they will bloat the size of the bigfix database. That said, 4kb isn’t bad.

The limit is actually a certain amount per result, but you can split it into multiple results and then recombine it into a single result when reading it back.

I’ve used this method to return base64 encoded icons using relevance. See here: https://github.com/jgstew/bigfix-content/blob/master/analyses/App%20Icons%20for%20SSA%20-%20Mac.bes

Just to clarify this is basically one text string that is 4000+ characters long. I looked at compressing it locally so it could be populated in a property so it could be pulled out and decompressed later but its still too many characters.

Right, you just have to split the string into multiple 1024 character segments and then it will return into the property. Then you just combine them into 1 string when you wish to read it back using session relevance. (concatenations of values of it) of results of bes properties "Name_Of_It"