Logging to the NT Event Log

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I am trying to configure the BigFix debug logging to write success/failure messages to the NT Event log when a client attempts to apply a fixlet message. I looked at: http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=186

Since the range is 1-10,000 and I want a minimal amount of information, what is a recommended setting for the debug level?


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Interesting idea… I will check with our developers to see if there is a number that would only log minimal activities but would also include Fixlet relevance and Action events.


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Hey ontai,

Here is a note from one of our senior agent developers:

"My best advice is to not do this!

The required emsg detail to have messages go to the NTEvent log is 10. That will likely introduce more messages than desired (messages for every gather and report attempt, many error messages, etc.). We have found that excessive NTEvent logginig is detrimental to system performance and the NTEvent log can be filled up, which can cause problems for other applications."

So you can check out if emsg level 10 works well for your purposes, but the emsg log wasn’t really designed for what you are looking for and if you choose to use it, please be cautious about the volume of events.