Log Files from Software Distribution - True or False relevance

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This is a snippet from my fixlet (the machine where i am running this is XP), so everyhting after the “if” is not being done.

  • Previous Line…

  • if {(name of operating system=“Win7”)}

//copy files for main program

copy __Download\vm8400w32.exe “{windows folder}\MSI\PVCS-84\vm8400w32.exe”

  • After Line…

And these are the logs from the console:

Completed if {(name of operating system=“Win7”)}

Completed // copy files for main program

Completed copy __Download\vm8400w32.exe “{windows folder}\MSI\PVCS-84\vm8400w32.exe”

Question 1:

Why the logs show these steps as completed? again these steps are being skipped because the machine is XP, however it would be more useful if the logs will say something like:

Skipped (False relevance) if {(name of operating system=“Win7”)}

Skipped // copy files for main program

Skipped copy __Download\vm8400w32.exe “{windows folder}\MSI\PVCS-84\vm8400w32.exe”

Similar behavior is seen in the client logs:

**This is previous to my if statement–>**At 09:16:48 -0500 - actionsite (http://fplbestest.fplu.fpl.com:52311/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/actionsite)

Command succeeded (Exit Code=0) waithidden “C:\WINNT\MSI\PVCS-84\vm8430w32.exe” /s /f1"C:\WINNT\MSI\PVCS-84\XPUpdateSetup.iss" (fixlet 3854)

Something like this is needed in the log: {(name of operating system=“Win7”)} is being skipped FALSE RELEVANCE

**This is after my if statement—>**At 09:16:49 -0500 - actionsite (http://fplbestest.fplu.fpl.com:52311/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/actionsite)

Command succeeded copy __Download\vmwebclient.exe “C:\WINNT\MSI\PVCS-84\vmwebclient.exe” (fixlet 3854)

Question 2:

Is there anywhere i can see this type of logs , for troubleshooting purposes?

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Hi Sergio,

The reason you see this status is because the agent only sends the last line number finished of an action (as an optimization to save memory in the console). So the result is that you can’t see the status of each line.

The best answer I can think is that you can use the Fixlet debugger, you can step through actions if you want to debug…