Log Collector Issue

We have an offline log collector provided by a 3rd party. When you run the EXE, it collects logs and places them in the same folder as the EXE.

My BigFix tasks first copies the EXE to “C\Temp” and then run the EXE. The issue is that the logs being generated are being placed in my opsite under __BESData.

The run command is simply:

waithidden cmd /C "C:\temp\S1Offline\SOneLogCollector-1.0.7.exe"

If there isn’t a way to have it run in the context of the directory, is there a way to copy the output file to the Temp directory? The output file is always the same name.

Maybe doing a cd to “C:\Temp” before running the waithidden command ? Otherwise you can move the logs afterwards.

There are at least two ways to try. One is to wrap the execution into a small batch file. Change into whatever the desired directory before executing the collector.

Another potential way would be to use the ‘start’ command with the /D path argument.

The BAT file was the ticket… Thank you.

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You can probably also chain commands without having to create/use a batch file

waithidden cmd /C “cd C:\temp & S1Offline\SOneLogCollector-1.0.7.exe”

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I would prefer that… I wasn’t sure how to chain. Let me give that a try.

Awesome… Works like a charm and so much cleaner than using SWD.

Thanks for that!

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