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I am developing a dashboard page for our clients. This page will be purely informational, and provides the ability to send the displayed information, via email, to a technician.

I would like to display the last time that the client successfully communicated with the BES server in that dashboard. Unfortunately I can not find any inspectors that will report the last connect time according to the client.

Can someone provide me an inspector, or perhaps even the relevance needed to parse the log files for this information if that is the only way to accomplish this?

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Hmmm… this is tricky…

I don’t believe we have an inspector for this… and I guess you could read it from the log file, but the BigFix Agent can’t open the log file for today because it is locked for writing…

I am not 100% sure if this will work, but you might try to look at the modification date of one of the agent temp files:

modification time of file “__results” of folder “__BESData__Global” of parent folder of regapp “BESClient.exe”

(Note that I am not sure if this will update if the agent tries to report and fails…


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Another question about the Dashboard.

Currently I have a javascript interval that checks the time of the last refresh against the current time and refreshes (actually mine displays a message forcing them to refresh, but I simplified it). Note: timestamp is the id of a textarea containing <?relevance now ?>.

var ageCheck = window.setInterval(
"refreshNeeded()", 60000); function refreshNeeded() 
{ lastRefresh = 

new Date(Date.parse(timestamp.innerText)); currentTime = 

new Date; timeSinceLastRefresh = currentTime - lastRefresh; 

if (timeSinceLastRefresh > 600000) 
{ location.href=

This works great, however it doesn’t solve the problem of a user logging off and another logging on. Any user specific information is still displayed for the previous user, causing a potential security problem in our environment.

I would like the page to do a cid:load automatically whenever a new user logs in. However I can find no way to do this reliably. The page refreshes when the BESClientUI.exe starts, so my scripts run fine, however it doesn’t do a full cid:load so the data is stale. And since the dashboard is not able to run relevance from within javascript, I cannot find a way to determine if the information displayed is the for the current or the previous user.

Is there a way to trigger a cid:load at the start of BESClientUI.exe so that the page AND the data is refreshed when the client UI starts.

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I’m not familiar with the cid:load mechanism and I was unable to google any documentation. I don’t quite understand why the data wouldn’t refresh if it in fact reloads the page.

Have you tried window.location = “_dashboard.html” ?

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I currently use " location.href=‘cid:load?page=_dashboard.html’ " to reload the page, and it works great. I think the cid:load portion of the url tells the BigFix client that it needs to parse the html file and replace any <?relevance ?> tags with the results of the relevance query contained within them.

The problem isn’t with my script, the problem is that when a new user logs in, the page doesn’t refresh the data. It’s obviously reloading the html, because it processes the javascripts again… however it’s using cached data.

I may be wrong, but I think that when the BESClient service first runs, it does a cid:load (for lack of a better term) and creates a new html file with the data in it. Then when we open the dashboard, this cached html file is displayed. However this cached file is not updated when the BESClientUI is started, therefore a newly logged on user sees the exact same cached HTML file that the previous user did.

I guess my question is, how can I force the dashboard to refresh the data whenever a new user logs in.

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Hi Jfry,

We use a link like this in one of our production client dashboards:


As far as I know that refreshes the data sucessfully. I think your situation should basically do the same thing. Are you sure that the data isn’t getting refreshed?

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I think your misunderstanding me. I apologize for the confusion.

  1. Our page refreshes fine manually. We have a timer that determines how old the data is and prompts to refresh when it is 10+ minutes old.

  2. The data doesn’t refresh when a user logs off the workstation and another logs on.

  3. If a user logs on after another user, and they do not refresh the dashboard manually, they see the previous user’s information.

Try it with your dashboard. Put the user’s name in your dashboard somewhere. We use the following line to pull the the domain/username and their local admin status. eg. DOMAIN\username (non-admin)

<?relevance ((sid of current user) as string) & 
"  " & ((

if (exists current user) then (

if (exists dacl whose (effective access mode 

for (name of current user) of it = effective access mode 

"Administrators" of it) of security descriptor of system folder) then (
" (Admin)") 

else (
" (Non-Admin)")) 

else (
" (Admin Status Unknown)"))) ?>

Now log on to the machine as a different user, you will see the previous user’s username displayed.

On some of our systems, the previous user is considered sensitive information, and other information that we may make available on our dashboard is as well. (login time, group memberships, home directory path, etc.)

I need a way to have the dashboard refresh once at logon, when the BESClientUI.exe process starts.

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Hi jfry,

Sorry for the delay responding. I am able to reproduce the behavior you describe. I was under the impression that a new BESClientUI session is initiated for each logged in user, which presumably should mean that the UI would reload the dashboard when a new user logs in. Perhaps it’s a bug or perhaps my understanding of the behavior is incorrect. I will have to ask around. Unfortunately in the meantime I can’t think of any way to trigger a reload when the current user changes.



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Hey jfry,

It is possible that your issue is related to the “current user” inspector, which returns the person logged into session 0.

Try this and see if your behavior changes:

if (number of logged on users > 1) then “Multiple Users” else ((sid of logged on user) as string) & " " & ((if (exists current user) then (if (exists dacl whose (effective access mode for (name of logged on user) of it = effective access mode for “Administrators” of it) of security descriptor of system folder) then (" (Admin)") else (" (Non-Admin)")) else (" (Admin Status Unknown)")))


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I gave that a try and it doesn’t seem to work either.

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Any further insight on this Jesse, has it been reported as a bug?

It should be easily fixed, for example caching the clientUI pages in the user’s profile rather than the BES application folder… and of course triggering a reload whenever the clientUI.exe is started.

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Sorry, yes it has been reported as a bug and will be fixed in the next major platform release. I believe the fix is already checked in.

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Thank you!

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Sorry, yes it has been reported as a bug and will be fixed in the next major platform release. I believe the fix is already checked in.

The Next Major Platform release you are referring to is??? 8.x?

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Yes. 8.0.

I hate to reopen an old topic, but did this ever get fixed? I think I am still experiencing a similar issue and we are on version 9.0.835.0

My query is:
unique value of value of components whose (type of it=“CN”) of distinguished name (distinguished name of logged on user of active directory)

When the Dashboard UI tab is clicked on, it displays “Singular expression refers to nonexistent object.”, if I click on the refresh link to reload the page, then the value I was expecting pulls in.

So it seems like I am not getting fresh data even after restarting the BES client.

EDIT: Turns out that the issue was that the AD sampling time wasn’t current therefore the object didn’t exist until I manually hit refresh.

I ended up using this relevance instead which does what I need it to:

if exists (domain users(names of logged on users))then full names of domain users(names of logged on users)else if exists (users(names of logged on users)) then “local account” else “none”

I still seem to be experiencing this exact same behavior using the client dashboard. Everything works great…until a new user logs on the machine. If they hit “refresh” which reloads the html page (cid:load?page=_dashboard.html).

It then keeps the first user’s name and adds the currently logged on user’s name next to the original name.

Possibly it’s just incorrect relevance causing this?:

if exists (domain user(name of logged on user))then full name of domain user(name of logged on user)else if exists (user(name of logged on user)) then “local account” else “none”

Can you provide screenshots?

Well the behavior happened initially when I had the relevance in plural form “usernames” instead of just “username” when I changed it to just singular and had someone logon and hit refresh, this time it populated with their own info. So it’s possible that it really was just the relevance.

It might be because you used logged on user instead of current user

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