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Not sure if this has been asked before a quick search showed up nothing but…

Is it possible (in any way at all) to input a list of machines (in CSV/plain text/excel/anything format) and return a list of properties against those machines only?



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This is possible, however probably not practical for large number of computers. Your report would probably look something like this:

This is just a mock up and it shows a fairly general way of dealing with inputing computer names. If you’d like you could also utilize set inspectors for the query above (requires version 7).

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Hi, interested in software tracking using reports for only applications installed. Is there a way to get rid of security patches, hotfixes and updates from the list of software installed? Looking at the software asset management module from BF. Until we purchase something like that, I need the fastest and easiest way to identify what software is installed on the 200+ computers and servers. I get over 50K lines of data when I run the application on PC report, and spend all day getting rid of the garbage. I end up with about 388 software applications (licensed and freeware) from those 50,000 lines. Is there an easier way to list computer name and software installed? I’m interested in “canned” reports to monitor software. I am not concerned for vulnerabilities and fixlets. Our IT security deals with that information. What can BF do for me?

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Hi pmduplechain,

I have a couple answers for you:

  1. You can definitely filter this property to not include certain results. We would likely do this through copying and modifying the “Installed Applications” property to filter out any result that contained “hotfix” or something like that.

  2. Have you seen this report? It might help:

  3. I think what you really want is for BigFix to present a specific reports and interface designed to help people exactly like you get better information about what sort of applications are installed and running. This is an area that we are working on enhancing and we should have something available soon that should be exactly what you want.