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I am new to this forum and bigfix relevance language.hope some one will help. I am trying list content from windowsupdate.log file and failing with error message Error: The expression could not be evaluated:

here is the relevance code.

Q. lines of file "C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log"
A. Error: The expression could not be evaluated:

If I stop windows update service I am able to get the content. is it possible to list content forcefully without stopping windows update service.

Thanks in advance.

Not currently. The lines of <file> inspector can only open files that are not open for write, which unfortunately includes most active log files. We are aware of this and hope to have a way around this.

The issue is a file open for write can change at any moment so we intentionally omitted it as the results can be quite unpredictable. Any solution would be an opt in kind of approach with the relevance writer knowing the limitations.

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It sounds like the file “WindowsUpdate.log” is “locked” by the Operating System.

Others have had similar issues with other files. I believe one solution is to make a copy of the file, and use that file.

oh! okay. some of the windows systems configured with WSUS and would like to know what are the patches left to install. I thought windowsupdate.log file is the source for this.

I don’t think is there any other way to get list of patches pending for download and install.

please correct me if I am wrong.

You can do this through an action, copying the file to some other location in an OS manner and then reading the copy.

Thanks for reply. AlanM

I need to check with relevance only. not allowed to copy and delete the file after use.

can’t you get the list of “Missing Patches” from BigFix? That’s kind of what it does, right?

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how to make a copy of it without using action language. I mean using relevance

Thanks in advance

we can read same file with powershell. i don’t know why we can not with bigix relevance