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This should be an easy one but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m trying to troubleshoot why a piece of relevance that simply states

exists site “sitename”

evaluates to False, when the sitename is listed in the retrieved property, “Subscribed Sites” list of the computers summary tab.

What is the relevence code/inspector I can use in the relevance debugger to list all of the subscribed sites for a computers? Using “urls of sites” , like the retrieved property, isn’t working.



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Hey Tim,

The BES Client thinks of sites using the Gather URL rather than the human readable sitename string. If you go to the BES Console Mange Sites dialog and select the properties for a Site it will show you the Gather URL for the site.

As an example, the following relevance will tell you if the BES Support site exists or not:

exists site “

Unfortunately, this relevance expression will always return FALSE in the relevance debugger. Only the actual BES Client itself can tell if a site is subscribed or not, the relevance debugger doesn’t have the hooks back to the real client to figure it out and the relevance debugger itself won’t have any sites in its data store. So, you’ll need to create real properties to test this out with.

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Or you can test this by copying the “__BESData” folder into the same folder as your ‘relevancedebugger.exe’… This is often an easier way to test relevance like this rather than using properties.


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Tyler, thanks for the explanation.

I am testing the Compliance functionality relevance:

exists site “clientcompliance”

was evaluating false. You’ve explained why.

Ben your recommendation worked. The relevance now evaluates true.

Additonally the sites inspectors behave as I expected (i.e. urls of sites, names of sites).

However, the command: names of sites, breaks when it gets to our custom sites.

q: names of sites

A: Configuration Manager

A: Configuration Policies for Windows

E: The expression could not be evaluated: class InspectorSiteContextError

The gather url of the custom site that it is breaking on(actual names omitted)

There are no special characters in the site name or url (other than what is shown).

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Hmmm… Looks like that inspector doesn’t work with names of custom sites… does the agent also return the error or is it only in the Relevance Debugger?


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The behavior is the same for the agent as well as the relevance debugger.

To verify, I created an analysis that pulls ‘names of sites’ as a property. When viewing the computer properties for my analysis property, all the site names are displayed until it reaches the first custom site. Nothing past that is shown.

On the Results tab of the analysis - the values in column for the property I created (Site Names) show . The mouse-over text reads, “The expression could not be evaluated for an unknown reason.”

So, is a bug report in order or will it be filed “as designed”… jk


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Hey Tim,

It is a bug that we will intend to fix, but it will probably not be until the next major version… Until we can address this in the code, perhaps one of these might help:

urls of sites

following texts of lasts “/” of urls of sites

names of sites whose (url of it as lowercase does not contain “custom”)

Does one of those work for you?


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Ben, I believe I’ll be able to use the second option as a workaround for now. It tested ok so far, just had to adjust my detection logic.