List Local Administrators (including those inside an Active Directory Group

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I know that there is a Local Administrators analysis out there already. However when I run it, it shows the local administrators as well as Active Directory groups.

Is there a way to itemize the local administrators as well as list all the users


the ones contained in the groups?

For instance, the results currently are:

ComputerName\Admin.Account Domain1\DomainAdministrators Domain2\ComputerClusterAdminGroup

I would however like it to appear like the following (or anything near it):

ComputerName\Admin.Account Domain1\DomainAdministrators\John.Doe Domain1\DomainAdministrators\Jane.Doe Domain1\DomainAdministrators\Jack.Russel Domain2\ComputerClusterAdminGroup\John.Doe Domain2\ComputerClusterAdminGroup\Jane.Doe Domain2\ComputerClusterAdminGroup\Jack.Russel

Thanks for the help in advance!