Linux QNA and relevance

Hello, i have recently add some linux host to the besserver, i try to create relevance but a lot of them not working.
For example, i try to get all linux host that have IPv6 adresses, this relevance work on windows host but not on linux (debian 10)

Any one have an idea on this? Thanks for you help

I use /opt/BESCLIENT/bin/qna

Your best bet for this would be to look at the dev site. There are loads of relevance queries you can use that might better suit your needs.

You can also enable IPV6 in the console

2020-09-17 15_30_27-Window

@cmbc, please try the following relevance statement in place of what you originally posted.

addresses of ipv6 interfaces of adapters whose (up of it and not loopback of it) of network as string