Limiting users to certain fixlets

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Is there an easy way to limit users to only certain tasks/fixlets, besides “hiding” and making people non master operators?

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how about making custom sites and limiting them to those sites?

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what about things in bes support + master action site?

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It sounds as if you are looking for more granular role base management something in between MO and NMO.

Can you give an example of you want and don’t want a person to have access to?

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A good example would be our monitoring group. I’d like to give them access to all servers… but all they would be able to do would be things like:

Start/stop monitoring services

Uninstall a specific application

Install a specific application

Gather and email log files

But that’s ALL I want them to be able to do (as far as fixlets go). I don’t want them to be able to deploy a patch, or run some task sitting in master action site, or in bes support.