Limiting access to BES Support for Non-Master Operators

Having problems with Non-MO users running fixlets in BES Support that they shouldn’t be. I know we can Globally Hide these fixlets, but sometimes the users find new content before we get to hide it.

Is there a way to remove read permissions on BES Support for all Non-MO users?
A way to automate Hiding BES Support content?

NOTE: This is for BigFix 10.0.1, supposedly there was a way to do this with a registry key in BigFix 9.? .


You could use an advanced BESAdmin setting to auto-hide new fixlets from the BES Support site. When your server gathers, any new Fixlets will be hidden by default until you un-hide them as Master Operator:

This option allows to selectively change the default Fixlet visibility on a per-site basis. It only takes effect when global default Fixlet hiding is not in use. You specify a comma-separated list of all the site IDs to be hidden by default. The list of sites IDs is in the SITENAMEMAP table in the database.

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@JasonWalker, Thank You