License Overview Page is Broken

I thought I would share this screenshot of my License Overview Page.

It’s the first time since I upgraded to 9.2 that i looked at it. I’ve cleared console cache and re-ran BESAdmin for site propagation but still seeing the window with no message ||sad face||

opening a PMR…

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Did you try the resigning thingy in the BESAdmin tool?

I remember doing that once long time ago. Its not clear which command switch i should use:

I’ve opened a PMR

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I have never done it, but I think it was resignsecuritydata and/or rotateserversigningkey has helped with various issues.

Well it’s fixed though it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. The screenshot was a remote console displaying the no error message. I was able to launch the console on the root server and see the full license overview page and had to accept several new EULA. After I did that the remote console could then display the license overview screen.

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That is definitely not what I would have expected. Thanks for posting the solution.