License extension activation?

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I have received the CompanyName.BESLicenseAuthorization file from IBM. I am used to receiving a license.crt file. I was told that “your server will download the new license automatically in a couple days, or you can update it immediately through the License Overview dashboard in the BES Support Site.”

Going to the License Overview dashboard, I got a message that said I needed to open the BES Admin tool, which I did, and got a message there that said something like, “you have a new license, do you want to propogate it?” (not exact but close) to which I answered YES.

Nothing further happened, and all of my licenses are still showing as expired?

How do I use the BESLicenseAuthorization file to manually update my BES?



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Are you running 7.x or 8.x? TEM 8.x has automatic license updates, 7.x does not.

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