libXaw for RedHat clients?

This link
points to a couple of others. All I can see in the doc is that " Before installing the client on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or later, ensure that you have: …Installed the Athena library (libXaw package) that is used by the user interface component of the client."
To me, this would include 6+, as in RHEL 7.x - - is this correct ? We have 10’s of thousands of potential clients without this package installed, as it is not part of the Enterprise load here. Thanks for any comments on whether this is absolutely critical.

Part B. If we installed a client (which is reporting to the console) without the libXaw installed and later install the libXaw, what needs to be done ? anything ? restart the client ?
many thanks.

I’m fairly certain this is only needed for systems leveraging X where you may wish to be able to have messages sent to the end-user for situations such as post-action reboots. Without libXaw, the ClientUI process may fail to display such messages.

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