Last report time of client

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I am creating a relevance for one of my customers where i want to stop certain applications/services if the client has not reported for more than 15 days.

Logic i would like to build is like

if {(now - last report time of client > 15 days) and (exists running application whose (name of it as lowercase is “abc.exe”))}

runhidden taskkill /f /im abc.exe


I would run this fixlet/task with a relevance of true and keep this action running as a policy so it runs even when client is offline

need help getting relevance for last report time

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according to the Managed Properties, the property Last Report Time contains “apparent registration server time as universal string”.

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The property is the time that the Client contacted the Relay/Server. The Report Time is set based on the Relay/Server’s clock, not the client.

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Figured out a property which solves my purpose

last gather time of site “actionsite” OR last gather time of current site

seems to give me the output i am looking for.

Could anybody confirm if there could be any false positives to this condition

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