Laptop Battery Audit (Multiple Batteries) Windows solution

This came about because of a situation where a dell laptop was not using the dell OMCI and as a result the Laptop Battery Audit - Windows by @jgstew was reporting "UNKNOWN"
Examining the WMI turns up some alternatives which worked fine except in odd situations where the device had two batteries (ie 2 in ones or Microsoft Surface Books)
With much help from @JasonWalker and @jgstew , I am a little more enlightened with both WMI and tuples (my head still hurts) we came up with this relevance

The original audit is here


One thing that confuses me, is that I had a windows laptop that as far as I know only has 1 battery, but it had 2 results from this WMI call, just like you described, which is where I ended up putting the finishing touch on this relevance.

I had heard tale of two batteries in some “1 Battery” machines … the 2nd being the Cmos battery…

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Yes, but they both had very similar “Design Capacity” I don’t think a CMOS battery is usually the same size as the laptop battery :slight_smile:

Maybe the single physical battery has 2 battery banks in it? I’m not really sure.

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My current Lenovo laptop (x240) has 2 physical batteries for powering the system.
1 is internal (permanently mounted inside of the chassis) and the other slips into a slot accessible from outside, like a normal laptop battery. This allows for hot swapping the external battery while the system remains running on the internal battery.

The new relevance does pull the charge state from both of the batteries.

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Maybe that is what I was seeing.