Known issues with 9.0

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Does IBM have a running list of known issues with the version 9 upgrade they’re sharing with people?

The version 9 upgrade for me has been a joke. Perform the upgrade per the documented procedures. BES Servers can’t connect to the internet - bug 56660. Support doesn’t know why. Try this, try that. We’re trying to talk to Dev about that. Then sending refreshes (UDP) downstream via relays doesn’t work - bug 57338. No viable workaround for this one. Connect all your endpoints directly to the server, roll back to 8.2 or wait till we put out a patch - oh, don’t ask us when, we can’t commit to any date…

Sound like a LOT of people are having issues with the 9.0 upgrade. Has IBM come clean about this horror story? Is there a consolidated list of known issues, bugs and workarounds available? When are these going to be fixed?

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They’re rather good about tracking every issue in their bug tracking system, but to the same token rather bad about sharing them outside of development. It’s not exposed to customers or the public, so we’re left rather uninformed about potential upgrade issues unless you find someone you can ask directly.

The public summary list of known issues,
, however it’s far from complete. This has been one of my more frustrating complaints.