KB5011329 Update for .NET Framework 4.7.2 Failing to Install on Win2016 Machine

BigFix Server failing to install KB5011329 update on Win2016 machines with exit code: -2145124329 (Decimal) which translate to: 0x80240017 (HEX)

I also followed the instructions provided by M.S. on the URL below with no luck :


What can I do to recover from this error, and get the upgrade to install successfully?

Note that this error is happing on multiple WIN2016 machines.



The first thing would be to try and install it manually, see whether there is any useful error message.

Thanks for your quick response, I tried to install it manually and it shows that’s already installed.


But the machine is still showing as relevant, how can I stop BigFix Client from showing the machine as relevant due to this update failure?

You’ll probably need to open a support ticket to report a false-positive - if it indeed is a false-positive; I’ve also seen issues where a failed or partially-installed update is corrupt and fails to install with a similar message, even though the actually affected files were not updated.

Support can help you evaluate each relevance statement to see if there’s an error; you might also try uninstalling & reinstalling the update on one machine, to see if that clears the false-positive.