Join two relevances

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is it possible to join two relevances, e.g.:

(ID of it as string,

Name of it as string,

State of it as string,

Targeted Names of it as string)

of BES Actions whose ((ID of it = 47309))

–> I get all 66 computers back whitch i have distributed the fixlet.

(Name of Action of it,

Name of Computer of it,

Status of it,

detailed status of it,

State of Action of it)

of results whose (((ID of Action of it = 47309))) of bes actions

–> I only get 54 computers back, because 12 computers are not online and have no result of the bes action.

My idea is to join this queries to get all computers (with action id = 47309) with there state (not relevant, fixed or failed) and the others are not online. The 12 computers i want to show as not online.

There are any ways, please for help

Thanks Andi