JDK version upgrade on Unix

Hi Team,

I am trying to get information how we can remove older JDK versions and install the latest JDK version on Unix Machines through BigFix, This is my first time while I’m upgrading Java version, so need your guidance.

Thanks in advance !!

@tyagi.j, in a custom fixlet, you would use the prefetch command to propagate the JDK installer to your Unix endpoints. Then the wait command to execute the applicable/required commands to install the new/updated JDK. There are a few Unix and many Linux examples on BigFix.me and GitHub accounts of fellow BigFix’ers.

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Thanks @cmcannady for the help, can you please help me to understand below points…

How I can determine which service need to stop before upgrading JDK?
How I can identify the Java directory because every system having different Java directory (I assume)?
Suppose on New version any application stop working how i can roll back the java version.

For question #1… you would need a Bash script (think ps -ef | grep -i java) or detailed substitution relevance to determine what Java processes are running on targeted systems and parse the results for parent process/service details.

For question #2… in the lack of an enterprise standard for *NIX partitions and installation path requirements for Java, this is difficult to answer. Does your organization have BigFix Inventory? If yes, then you could leverage the BFI REST API to collect those details.

For question #3… while rolling back Java is possible, it should be avoided by testing your applications extensively with the OpenJDK version you intend to deploy. That said, implementing enterprise standards for OpenJDK within your organization will help regarding this matter.