Java Update Deployment

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I have run into a problem while attempting to deploy the various Java updates; specifically Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 17 (JRE 6 installed). I have downloaded the update from SUN and renamed to the specified SHA value and placed the newly renamed file in the download cache folder on the BF server (or at least what I think is the correct folder). When I attempt to run the fixlet I receive the following message: Failed - Server error: “HttpRestartableBadHttpStatus” 5 of 432 retries: next attempt in 00:06:00. I am guessing that I might have placed the file in the wrong folder and would like to know if someone could tell me the specific folder location such as C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise . . . Or better yet, exactly how has anyone else has been able to successfully update Java versions through BigFix?

Thank you in advance,


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Hey Dan,

You can put the files at “C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\wwwrootbes\bfmirror\downloads\sha1”.

Here is some more info:


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Thank you very much sir. I guess I whould have dug about a foot deeper :slight_smile: