Java Update 24 Fixlet Problem

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Download error: “Windows Error: No data is available for the requested resource.”

Download requested on server:


SHA1: e9d8c7c1f7722243a570a6d7f1e357aecb950679

Size: 0 bytes

Next retry: 10 minutes. Retry now

The download link seems to be incorrect or inactive.

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The download link is how it is supposed to be. In many cases, if there is not a reliable public download for a file, you must manually cache the file. The “MANUAL_BES_CACHING_REQUIRED” in the url is the red flag you need to do that. There are also notes in the description of the fixlet on what to do.

(imported comment written by sysnet_cv91)

You’re right, I followed the notes and it worked perfectly. Thanks