Issues with the "Ensure most secure version" option of JRE

(imported topic written by SystemAdmin)

We are experiencing the following issues with the latest updates of Java:

Before the browser plugin software attempts to run a Java app, it verifies that the JRE version is at or above the security baseline for that family and that the age of the JRE is recent. If the JRE is deemed expired or insecure, additional security warnings are displayed. In most of these dialogs, the user has the option to block running the app, to continue running the app, or to go to to download the latest release.

If the User aswers to Update ( requires Admin Permissions) which everytime after that they get redirected to the JAVA Update Site and if they select Block ( It appears that all pages that require JAVA quit working). So when a new version of Java is released, the users are stuck in a loop and can’t run the app. This is generating a large volume of calls for our Help Desk.

Has anyone found a way to disable these messages or is there a way to change the JRE configuration in the Fixlets?