Issues with reporting groups and Power Consumption report

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So I’m running into some problems with the Power Consumption Over Time web report. When I view the default report grouping policy (All Computers), I see the data just fine. I created a custom grouping based on Subscribed Sites for about 20 separate sites (each for a different org that I support). Now, when I try to view the report based on the Subscribed Sites group, however, the number of computers for each site is zero the power consumption is a flat line at zero, even if I choose just one of the sites to view.

I’m really at a loss here, and I’ve confirmed that the correct computers are indeed subscribed to the correct sites. Anyone have an idea as to what I can try to fix this and start getting the data we need?

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I’m guessing you created the groups using the “Configure Historical Reporting Groups” wizard. How long has it been since you created the groups? You will only see data going forward; the platform has no way of retrieving historical power data for newly created groups since data for the individual computers does not exist.