Issue with REGSET

Hey All,

I am getting some weird issues with REGSET since we moved from up to

I have a task that will query for the information on different COM ports and in that info is the Baud rate. I then have relevance looking over the output from cmd.exe and selecting just the Baud rate for COM8 or giving a generic error to a parameter. I am then trying to store that parameter in a reg key but this is where it is failing. Action Script follows:

if {exists file whose (name of it contains "baud.txt") of folder "c:\BigFix\USB"}
delete c:\BigFix\USB\baud.txt

waithidden cmd.exe /C mode > c:\BigFix\USB\baud.txt

if {exists file whose (name of it contains "baud.txt") of folder "c:\BigFix\USB"}
parameter "Baud" = "{lines whose (line number of it = maximum of (it as integer + 2) of line numbers of lines whose (it contains "COM8") of file "c:\BigFix\USB\baud.txt") of file "c:\BigFix\USB\baud.txt"}"
elseif {not exists file whose (name of it contains "baud.txt") of folder "c:\BigFix\USB"}
parameter "Baud" = "No COM8 Device Found"

regset "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Test\Device\]" "BaudRate"="{parameter "Baud"}"

When on this worked fine and all was great. I have confirmed this is still working with the old fixlet debugger of the same version as seen below on my test machine. The text file is created just as I would expect, the correct branch of the if statement is executed and the correct value is passed to parameter “Baud” and written to the registry.

When I try with the same action script on the console or with the corresponding filxlet debugger I get the same results, and the action says that it creates the registry key but nothing is actually created.

What is really odd though is that if the if statement resolves to the Elseif setting the
parameter "Baud" = "No COM8 Device Found"
then the regset works just fine.

If anyone could send some wisdom my way on why/how this is not working now on the newer versions of BigFix that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance.

Because I am new to the community I was only able to post a single picture. Here is the screen Shot for

As you can see in the output of the fixlet debugger it shows that the reg key was created but the key does not appear in the registry.

And a final picture showing that with the Elseif Clause running the regset works fine.

Because you are going into HKLM\Software are you looking in the Wow6432 section of the Software hive? Remember the client is a 32 bit application so will go there by default.

For the testing above on these screenshots I was on an older 32 bit system but I also did testing on 64bit and was looking under Wow6432node then with the same results.

Did you try it without the trailing \ on the end?