Issue with MS11-060

People install old stuff on their new computers in our environment (University) so I sometimes see old patches pop up as relevant.

I’m seeing MS11-060: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Visio Could Allow Remote Code Execution - Visio 2010 Gold/SP1 (x64) as needed for a couple of computers with Visio 2010 on them.

When I run the fixlet, I’m getting

“Error processing completed download: Requested sha1 9ff09c04d76fa5f9cddde935e1edd7d19ff2b1db does not match actual sha1 3fbc0f9893d7d61652be92d61f7c022b99f8b397”

Maybe Microsoft updated the patch? The text of the fixlet says it’s KB2553008 and the MS downloads page says it was published 12/20/2019.

I just hit this url (from the fixlet you’re referencing) and its still live.

You can always just grab it, package it up in software distribution, and then roll it out w/ a hardcoded “true” action relevance statement - which will force it to run on the endpoints in question.

What I find on these old microsoft patches, is there’s usually another remediation step required to mitigate the vulnerability (such as an undesirable registry key or dll file).

Thanks for reporting this.
This should be fixed in Patches for Windows version 3458.