Issue with Fixlet 2863821: Update for Office 2010 - Office 2010 SP2 - KB2863821

I was just trying to deploy this patch to a system and I am getting the error

Download error: "Unexpected HTTP response: 404 Not Found"
Download requested on server:
Hash: (sha1)93a5da52d7bf5240adf8c9b29a747cf4d85f669b
Next retry: 5 minutes. Retry now

I tried browsing to the file and it appears to have been removed. I checked and it states “This update is no longer available.”

I checked my site and it is at the latest version (3147).

The patch was pulled by Microsoft.

The fixlet needs to be either pulled or “superseded” with a note indicating the patch is no longer available.

Fixlets for KB2863821 are now marked as superseded in BigFix.