Issue with Airgap tool

My server is in an isolated network. After installation, I am trying to use airgap tool to get all site contents (even I have to enable bigfix management domain).
When I run airgap utility, it created a folder with request file. But other dlls are not copied in( libBEScrypto_1_0_0_1.dll, and libBEScrypto_1_0_0_4.dll). I tried to search those dlls and not able to find both.
When i tried running airgap tool in a computer with internet connection, it thrown some error. I guess, its because the dlls are not present.
How can we overcome this?

What version of the platform are you running? This seems like a fairly old AirGap tool so want to make sure you are running the right version for your platform

Hi alan,
My server is Windows 2008 SP1. IEM version is 9.1.1065.0. I am using the airgap tool which was present under Installation folder (C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server). So I do not think there will be version mismatch.

For 9.1 those named DLLs wouldn’t be copied in, the DLLs you need would be libBEScrypto.dll/libBEScryptoFIPS.dll

Generally it should copy those in. You can just simply copy the DLLs from the Server directory if they are not there.

The package should also contain a manifest and CRT DLL’s to allow the AirGap tool to run on any Windows destination.

Thanks Alan. Yes it is working even without copying those DLLs. I got misguided by the document whic says we need those DLLs to work.
Once again thank you for your response.

Can you point me at the documentation page that said that and we will get it fixed


Please find the link below!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Installing%20in%20an%20Air-Gapped%20Network

You can see it on Step 2, Point 1.

Thanks for taking an extra step to fix documentation.

I also have an issue with AirgapTool. I have downloaded from the link above ( IEM and copied BESAirgapTool from the server. libBESrypto64.dll and libBEScryptoFIP64.dll are in the same folder. But when I run BESAirgapTool, I got “Error:class curl::easy_int_Failed” Can any one help?

Can you download the AirGap ZIP that is appropriate for your server install from

The ZIP file should contain the AirGap executatble, the crypto libraries and MS libraries and a manifest