Issue while win upgrade

Win10 1607 to 1709 upgrade through fixlet in BigFix console is not happening.

a download error occured related to add the URL in whitelist.

Please suggest if any one succeeded.

I believe that you have to download the ISO file yourself to populate the download. Have you done this step? The description of the fixlet should tell you what you need to do.

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@AlanM Let me check and I will update you once done.

@AlanM Let me check and I will update you once done.

Moreover could you suggest few steps and also suggest whether this upgrade will success as I have seen in this forum few people reported not succeeded.

The ISO image does need to be downloaded and cached manually. I believe it also needs to be volume-licensed media. I obtained mine through my Microsoft Licensing account. Be sure your ISO image matches the sha1 value the fixlet expects.

Those of us who had problems, generally had problems with the Windows Setup process or drivers. Not the download itself, that has to be cached manually.