Issue installing KB4494440 on WIn10 1607


We are unable to install May Cumulative Update (KB4494440) on Win10 1607 devices. When deploying from BigFix, during the reboot the following message is displayed: ‘We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes’. We have deployed the Servicing Stack Update first, as Microsoft recommends, but the CU still fails to install. After the reboot, the deployment becomes relevant again and it reapplies. When checking the WindowsUpdate logs we found that KB4494440 fails with the following message: ‘Got error querying the post-reboot status for session 30744686_2025244914: 0x800f0840’.

We have re-cached the KB on the central server using the media form Microsoft, but with the same result.

We were able to install the KB manually using local admin account, but failed with BigFix.

Did anyone else encounter this issue? Any ideas?

Thanks and regards,
Dorin Stanciu

For KB4494440, the Win10 1607 Cumulative updates only work on the LTSB edition. The update is expected to fail on non-LTSB editions.
Our Win10 1607 fixlets don’t yet have the relevance to restrict them from becoming relevant on the non-LTSB editions.

If your systems are indeed LTSB, then that may require contacting MS.

I’ve seen this scenario before where the logged in user could successfully apply the update but the system user could not. Via a conference call with MS support, they had us remove an offending component which was part of the update we wanted to install (so I’m guessing this was likely due to some corruption from the initial attempt at installing the update) using the Windows DISM command. After that, the update was able to to be installed as system user, which is the account that BigFix uses.

You would likely have to point to the errors you’re seeing in the Windows Update/ CBS logs and ask why those errors are there and how to resolve them. Otherwise, they may just run you through the typical system check scans (which reported no issues for us) and close out the case as “the patch could be installed manually”.