Is there any thought on doing a plugin for AWS api like there is for vcenter?

Is there a plugin for Amazon Web Services to connect to the api like we have with vcenter to pull the instances or other data from AWS accounts?

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This is a good idea, though I don’t think anything like that exists or is on the roadmap. You should file an RFE for this and link it here so we can vote on it.

Headline:AWS api connection like vcenter plugin


Here is the direct link to the RFE for other’s reference:

You should add a link to this forum post to the RFE.

You should also expand the RFE information considerably. RFEs primarily go to Product Managers and not usually directly to developers. You should make a business case for this, as well as provide more background information.

As @jgstew says you should definitely expand the RFE with what you need and the “problem” you need to solve.
Feel free to elaborate here too, maybe what you need to do can be solved with existing BIgFIx features.

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We do use the scripts to create a file that is read back into bigfix for the instance id and items, but I am thinking of a plugin connection like the vcenter plugin connects directly to vcenter and queries it for the vm name and related items. I am a novice at this and would not be opposed to some more veteran assistance with filling out the details.