Is there an ETA on the Flash Player for Windows v11.1.102.62 fixlets?

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Is there an ETA on the Flash update for Windows Applications? It’s available in the site for Mac OS X Applications, but not for Windows.

I had an inquiry from one of my Console Operators, and to resolve his problem, I rolled my own fixlets based on Copies Of the x.102.55 fixlets.

In doing so, I noticed that without the updated fixlet’s, with the correct SHA1 hash and size values, the older x.102.55 fixlets will no longer work. Adobe seems to simply release their updated clients with the same name, no reference to version in the downloaded file name.

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Fixlets for Flash Player v11.1.102.62 are available in the current version (v423) of the ‘Updates for Windows Applications’ site. They were released on Feb 16. Can you verify the site version as it appears in the console?

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I was only up to version 422.

I’ve initiated a Gather to see if it will update.

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It’s been an hour since I submitted the Gather for the site, still on version 422.

I can open the Gather URL OK from the server and it does indicate version 423.

Any thoughts on why the gather is either taking so long, or not being performed?

The Gather Service seems to be running OK. Is there a log for the Gather Service? Should I cycle the Gather service?

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Yes, I would cycle the gather service.