Is there a relevance property code to show the client's relay's IP?

I have a problem that few relay’s hostname is the same, and I want to show the client’s relay IP in the client property.

There doesn’t appear to be one as the information isn’t exactly kept so I’d suggest filing an RFE

How about using _BESClient_Relay_NameOverride to have the relay advertise an alternate name (resolvable by the clients), or advertising the relay by IP address instead of name? This setting would be applied to Relays, and is not necessary on the individual clients.!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Configuration%20Settings

…or, create a Custom Property from ip address of selected server and display that instead of / in addition to the Relay property? I haven’t used it yet myself but it looks like it returns what you’re asking.

What about to use netstat and extract the IP Address of established connections trough port 52311, put the output to a file and then read the file with an analysis?

Of course it will depend if when the action is running, the client should have a connection with its parent relay.

If you were going to do that then you can use the socket inspectors ( ) instead of having to use netstat

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Yes, I would use native inspector to have a multi-platform analysis.