Is there a limit to the number of action lines?

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Upon creating my task BigFix added in the following to my relevancy:

AND (not exists last active line number of action or last active line number of action <= 18)

It doesn’t show up when I edit the task but is present in the action. BTW my action script is longer than 18 lines and am using BigFix!

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I believe I figured it out, BigFix is tallying up the number of action lines. In my case I had word wrap on in the text file that I used to create the script so it was seeing a break at line 18. I re-copyed in the script after turning off word wrap and it counted up 38 lines which I manually verified.

Is this correct BigFix Pros?

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Hi DotA,

Yes. In BES 5.1, the BES Console automatically adds this relevance to actions (for Tasks only) to make sure that the action doesn’t re-run constantly.

It is nothing to worry about.