Is it Possible to Display an Active Hyperlink in UI messages?

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I have searched and do not find any references to this.

I would like to include an active hyperlink in a UI message displayed to users before and during an action. Is this possible?

In testing, it does not seem that either the title or message text can be made into an active hyperlink, nor am I able to copy it out of a displayed UI box by highlighting it.


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Hi snoczp,

I don’t think this will work in the current clientui, but I added this as request #24914.


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Ideally we would like to be able to set a label on the dialog with a DisplayText and a command behind it – a URL, or something that could be used with ShellExecute perhaps.

Click for more information --> [

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not really sure what you trying to do with the hyperlink, but i had a similar situation where i need to post a longer message for all the clients that had nothing really to do with big fix. i created a fixlet that just brought up the hyperlink and it worked very well. they all got the message…boss was happy and amused he said :So let me understand, we have Big Fix updating all the computers, AND we can use it to send a message too?" “WOW” “neato”

and then it was back to his desk.

good for a chuckle…if you need help with making the hyperlink appear email me


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Thanks Mike.