Is it possible to add a component to a baseline and have it reflected in an open action?

I suspect the answer is no, but just for confirmation…

Say I have a baseline running as an open action for the next week and have it set to reapply every 24 hours. If I add a component to the baseline three days in, will that new fixlet/task run when the baseline reapplies on the fourth day, or will the multiple action group of the baseline action always reflect the components of the baseline at the time the action was issued?

The idea here is that I have a baseline of standard computer settings for a particular group in my area, and I want it to apply to new computers as they join the group. I sometimes also decide that I want all of the computers in that group to get some new configuration or software. It would be nice if the open action for the baseline could dynamically reflect the content of the baseline and apply the new thing I decided to add to it when the action next reapplied. Is there some other best practice for doing this, or am I stuck stopping the action and reapplying it with the new baseline contents every time I add something?


I think the answer is no - and for a good reason.

If you set an action going, you have presumably done the due diligence and considered the implications, tested, obtained change control consent etc. and the action has your name against it. A change to the baseline after that point should not affect your action because to do so would override all of the governance.

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