Is BigFix in sync with this change re: AIXPlugin et al?

I am trying to download a fixpack.

There are a couple of things going wrong - one I think is deadly.

  • Deadly first: in the file that the AIXplugin gets for the pre-fetch - the label is still sha1 - but it seems the value used is sha256 now.
  • Seems the current process is still comparing the actual sha1 value with the sha256 (as sha1 value) in the file obtained by the AIXPlugin.

prefetch U873506.bff sha1:d1d550a75f2efb054256751d405aeda896df5c5b size:644096 sha256:34290b8fddca9e8720ba38ed80848dee3a29724912944e4016023a880e6e32fa

From yet another test - I happened to have an old and a new copy of 7100-04-04

Here you can see: old sha1->sha1 value, while new sha1->sha256 value.

[root@t430 temp]# grep 06uf6 *4 xx/*4
7100-04-04:name=U873506.bff url= size=644096 sha1=34290B8FDDCA9E8720BA38ED80848DEE3A29724912944E4016023A880E6E32FA
xx/7100-04-04:name=U873506.bff url= size=644096 sha1=D1D550A75F2EFB054256751D405AEDA896DF5C5B

Another development I noticed is that the first time I tried to download this TL-SP the file name was neither of the above - the subdirectory was …/5/…

As the lists are only 20 long I was just extremely lucky that I actually had the error

U866479.bff Failed [-]
[+] Download error: “Error processing completed download: Requested sha1 003c36ad1a88207aec7b65818f496664529d0be2a06c92eff4477d9e6be69cd7 does not match actual sha1 49260e325c682c9e39423d3774e160fe39f71b9d”

or pretty

Note: different file - same error.


You are right. I did a quick check and it seems AIX team changed their api where for some of the files they will return sha256 as the check-sum and the others stay with sha1. This will break current download plugin logic.

The impact is huge. A hot fix is being working on and it shall be released by today. Will update when there is any progress.

Thanks for the quick action!