IPV4 Routes Inspector

I’m trying to pull in the list of persistent routes on our DMZ servers to ensure they are all configured correctly. I’m trying to use the “ipv4 routing table” inspector but I get the following error:

Q: routes of ipv4 routing table
E: The operator "string" is not defined.

I’m confused because I’m not using a string but I can’t seem to get this inspector to work. Do I have to associate it with the network inspector since it’s networking? I’m pretty sure I don’t but the inspector doesn’t seem to work as advertised.

With Fixlet Debugger this would present as:

This expression evaluates to an unrepresentable object of type "ipv4 routing table"

But this inspector doesn’t work on Windows…

This message normally appears when BigFix doesn’t know how to represent the object. In this case it doesn’t know how to print out the ipv4 routing table. Essentially it’s taking the object and adding, “As string” which doesn’t exist for this particular object.

You should be able to use the properties of an ipv4 route like this:

(interface of it, metric of it, destination of it, gateway of it) of routes of ipv4 routing table

And you’d get something like:

Q: (interface of it, metric of it, destination of it, gateway of it) of routes of ipv4 routing table
A: eth0, 0,,
A: eth0, 0,,
T: 0.168 ms
I: ( string, integer, ipv4or6 address, ipv4or6 address )
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Got it. I was using the QNA executable from a Linux host and was getting that result. I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks.

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Another thing I’d like to fix at some point, get these everywhere

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This is the good kind of error. It means you are in fact getting something, it just can’t display it to you.

Ideally this would be a warning and not an error and be worded better.

Any suggestions on where to get Route information on Windows systems?