IOS import external config file

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We use iphone config utility and make a config file.

We try to import the external config profile.

But it didn’t give the ID to the config and couldn’t type on it.(see attachment)

Any suggestion?

Thanks for help.

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Here are several things that you can try:

  1. When creating a profile in iPCU, make sure you fill in the Identifier field in the General Tab.
  • iPCU won’t prevent exporting when the required fields are empty.
  1. Make sure “None” is selected on the “Security” option when exporting the profile xml from iPCU.
  • iOS Profile Configuration Wizard expects non-signed, and non-encrypted profile xml.
  1. Delete the previous resulting fixlet from the TEM Console and re-import.
  • Currently tampering the imported external profile is not allowed.
  1. Upon import, you should be able to see the critical fields such as identifier etc in the Identifier Tab on the wizard.
  • Make sure all the fields are parsed and displayed in the corresponding text boxes.

If above step won’t solve your problem, please attach your exported profile (from) iPCU so that we can look into it further.

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Thanks for reply.

And we can already import the config file.

However, we take the action to mobile device. We just got fail.

What might cause the problem? (refer attachment config file)

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Is your TEM Deployment in English, rather than in Traditional Chinese?

Profile with Traditional Chinese characters, is only supported on Traditional Chinese TEM Deployment. This issue will be addressed in future TEM Platform release.

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We use TEM in Traditional Chinese.

It still got fail to deploy the profile.

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Sorry for the delay, and here is what I have tried.

  1. Validated the exported profile through iPCU
  • On iPCU, I added your profile to my Configuration Profile Library
  • I connected my iPhone4s and iPad2
  • On my attempt to install (through USB), your profile did not install
  • When I checked the details of your SCEP profile, URL and Name fields are missing.
  1. Installing through our iOS MDM

“USEnglishDescription”=>“The payload ?aymond_cert??is invalid.”

“USEnglishDescription”=>“The required field ?RL??is missing.”

Maybe you should re-work your profile on iPCU to make sure it is complete? Keep in mind that iPCU will allow export even the required fields are empty.

BTW, in the next release, SCEP profile type will be supported natively on the iOS Profile Wizard.