Inventory scans causing high CPU utilization

I’ve deployed the latest Inventory scanner 9.2.16 to a Linux server. This server since scans were initiated, CPU utilization has been running high with wscanfs running high at 32.35 %. I’ve stopped the task to initiate and upload scan results. Besides stopping this service, how can I change the existing scanner configurations to limit the CPU usage for the wscanfs and besclient service?

Check the Description tab of the “initiate software scan” task. There are options at the bottom to throttle CPU use.

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Is there a way to exclude drives during the scanning process. I have a 9.5 TB drive and automated home directories on one specific server.

Hi @BregBF

Yes - see the following documentation: IBM Documentation

Specifically, look at Task 63: Add Excluded Dirctories (9.2.x.x), and add the directories to exclude in the text box on the description tab.

You can exclude additional directories from being scanned by specifying them in the task and then running this task against the chosen endpoints. Excluding directories that do not contain any information relevant for software inventory can significantly speed up the scanning process.

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