Internet Explorer - Edge Adaptation

Hi Everyone,

Our applications have dependencies on internet explorer in My company.
At the same time our cybersecurity team forced us to disable i.e and use edge in i.e mode.
I found the solution for systems in Active Directory:
-enable policy: “disable i.e as standalone browser”
-after adding required fields, enable these policies: “configure i.e integration” and “send all intranet sites to i.e”

When I search for bigfix solution, I saw this:
"waithidden powershell.exe -C Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName Internet-Explorer-Optional-x86 –Online -NoRestart"
But this solution take effect after reboot. Is there any way to make changes without reboot?

Unfortunatly this is Microsoft :frowning: We’re having the same issue/challenge way we’re going to address this is by deploying this Fixlet around same time we deploy our Monthly patches which requires reboot anyway.

Hope this clarifies.

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If you use the registry entry/GPO method, the system will prompt the user before shunting to edge.

See also the sample I posted here:

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Hi again,

We are using managment features with powershell right? (like this command: “waithidden powershell.exe -C Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName Internet-Explorer-Optional-x86 –Online -NoRestart” )

I wonder if any method exists for using group policies directly from bigfix?
For example-> I want to enable “AdministrativeTemplates/WindowsComponents/InternetExplorer/disable i.e as standalone browser” feature on clients with bigfix and then run “gpupdate /force” command.

Sorry If this issue is mentioned before, I couldnt find what I am looking for