Interest in adding Healthcare apps to BFI?

Hi folks, I am the product manager for BigFix Inventory. Recently we have had a request from a customer who is a healthcare provider to cover a set of healthcare specific applications through software discovery in BigFix Inventory. I am trying to determine how widespread this need is with our customer base.

I have opened idea to track this list of health care software. Please upvote if you are interested, and for bonus points tell me which piece of software on this list is your top concern.

thank you for your time and interest in BigFix

Doug Rothert
BigFix Product Manager – Inventory, IoT Strategy


I tried to have a look at this IDE, but only got a “Record not found”

@drothert, as @Gelmor has mentioned, the record is not publicly available, or doesn’t exist.

The idea ( should hopefully be visible now. Please let me know if not.