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Is Big Fix looking at Intel Vpro at all? Gartner seems very positive about it.

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Oh very interesting. Look who was one of the orginal writers of VPro at Gartner. Small world.

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I would be very interested to see if BigFix would support VPro. Is there any plan in the works or further info?

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We’d be interrested if there’s anything in the works with VPro and BigFix.

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mgoodnow is referring to the fact that Amrit Williams (former Gartner Analyst) is the BigFix CTO…

And yes, we are currently working on VPro integrations, but since there are so many different aspects of VPro, we would be interested to hear from everyone what sorts of functionality they would be interested in…



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Initially we’d like to provision (enable) the VPro settings on PCs which are not currently configured (without requiring a provisioning server). I guess this would be business provisioning and not corporate provisioning (which I think we’d need a server)? We have a number of PCs out there that are VPro capable, but the VPro settings were never setup. IP settings would match the Windows IP settings.

Maybe a mechanism for changing the VPro password. Can’t trust those rogue people who learn the password of their friend’s PC.

If a BF relay queried a VPro enabled PC, maybe we’d finally have a way to boot a PC, patch it and return it to it’s previous state if noone is still logged on.

Outside of BigFix, simply having the VPro settings configured would let us quickly shut off a virus infected PC whose OS is hung via a web browser.


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Have any decisions been made and target release dates set for VPro support?

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We have been working on an initial vPro release and it is currently in beta. This first release includes a dashboard for tracking AMT versions and setup (provisioning) status of all your vPro boxes. Additionally, it includes right-click integration in the Console so that machines can be selectively powered on or off using AMT.

We will be gradually increasing our vPro support over the next couple years until we have a fully integrated solution. At the moment we require the use of Intel SCS for setup and configuration, it is not yet integrated into the Console.

If you are a BigFix user and would like to discuss your vPro needs/plans please feel free to contact me directly.

Noah Salzman

Product Manager – vPro


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Noah, any update on VPro/BigFix Console integration?

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Hi cstoneba,

Our first vPro release described above is now available and we are continuing on to develop additional vPro support and integration in the coming months. I’ll contact you directly so we can discuss the setup steps for a vPro deployment.


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Noah, can you shed some more light on what is available? We’d be interested in seeing how this is going to be integrated into the product.

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Bump - Any word on this? How does one get the vpro enabled bigfix?

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I was told by one of our bigfix tech reps that there is a dashboard for this, but it does not directley control the atm/vpro. You still need to stand up an additional cert/administation server. Reading through some Vpro setup docs, there is alot more to it than I expected. It would be great if BigFix could incorporate it all together.

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I would agree. I was hoping for integration like that which has been done with Microsoft SCCM, Landesk and Symantec Altiris.

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Yes, cstoneba is correct, our current vPro release has a dashboard that informs deployment decisions and a separate stand-alone utility for sending vPro/AMT power commands. The AMT power utility connects to

Intel SCS

to gather the appropriate vPro credentials.

We certainly agree that a fully integrated solution is the right way to go. Intel has been a great development partner and have been very helpful working with us on that goal. For the moment, Intel SCS is required but we are working over the long term to have a combined solution.