Integration of BigFIx with Qualys for Vulnerability management

Hi All, Please guide me through if someone has done integration of BigFix to Qualys tool for vulnerability management.

So far I have the below link for information to start off:-1:

If anyone has done the integration then please post your experience and guidance. Ty

I’ve had problems finding anyone who has installed Insights and we’re also looking to add IVR so will be interesting to follow this post.

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Hi @tarwaniv and @FatScottishGuy How far along are you in getting Insights set up? How large is your environment?

There is a good YouTube video from the HCL BigFix Tech Advisors that walks through the process of setting up and configuring Insights (with Tenable, but the concept is the same for Qualys). There is also this Getting Started Guide.

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Yes I found good information on the below link which can be utilized:-1:

Also I am still exploring the way I will be configuring the connections for Qualys IVR.

We’re at the sizing stage :slight_smile:

The environment is currently 53k but likely to grow to about 80k+ in the coming months.

We have all out components on separate servers, nothing resides together.

Hi All,

If I cannot expose Qualys API to automation. Can we manual import finding report from Qualys to IVR?