Integration IBM Endpoint Manager with Hardcat Enterprise Asset Management

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Hi all,

Our customer want to integrate IBM Endpoint Manager with their existing Hardcat Enterprise Asset Management, so Hardcat can collect the inventory data from IEM. For that reason, we need to make a new field in BFenterprise called “barcode”. Barcode field will filled in with barcode number from Hardcat. our questions are:

Is it possible to add a new field in BFenterprise database?

How to show barcode information in inventory form in IEM console?

Do we need to make some relations or additional foreign key, for example with ComputerID, PropertyID and many others.

If there are an upgrade in IEM application and we want to implement the upgrade, do the upgrade will remove the additional field that we made before?

Need your help, guys…

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In the past, the advice has been to NOT try an modify the SQL database.

Can the barcode information be added to the Registry or a text file on each computer? TEM/IEM could then pick it up via a Retrieved Property which does survive Upgrades.