Installing Visio 2010 without and MSP file

I am trying to install visio using setup file. admin switch is not working to create MSP file so I am using a bat to perform this task. It is keep failing, my action script is following. If I rung this bat file directly from my machine it works fine and asks me to enter credentials as I run as normal user. What Am i missing ?

createfile until ENDOFFILEMARKER
set apprun=visio.exe
@echo off
net use s: "\Network share location"
start /wait taskkill /IM “outlook.exe” /f
start /wait taskkill /IM “winword.exe” /f
start /wait taskkill /IM “excel.exe” /f
start /wait taskkill /IM “powerpnt.exe” /f
start /wait taskkill /IM “lync.exe” /f
start /wait setup.exe /configure visio.xml
copy __createfile installVISIO.bat
dos installVISIO.bat

The bes client is running in SYSTEM context and doesn’t have access to the network share. Upload the installer using the Software Deployment dashboard and use prefetch statements to download it to the client.

Is there any way I can use a bat file to run this script ?

Sure, you can run a .bat file, you just can’t access a network share. Download the visio installer to the client anf have the .bat reference it locally.

How do I download it locally lets say “C:\Visio”

By far the easiest way is to use the Software Deployment Dashboard (SWD). That has a wizard for uploading the media to your BigFix Server, and builds a Task with the right Download commands for the clients to retrieve it.

:edit: Look for the Dashboard named “Manage Software Distribution”.

I beleive manage software distribution part required licencing and We do not have that.

I am trying this command

waithidden msiexe.exe “\share\setup.exe” /config “\share\visio.xml” qn /norestart