Installing TEM Server with LicenseAuthorization.crt

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Hello All

I have a license authorization file (LicenseAuthorization.crt) for PRODUCTION mode installation.

When I initiate the TEM Installer in PRODUCTION mode (its a clean installation), I see three options.

(1) I want to Install with an IBM Endpoint Manager license authorization file

(2) I want to install with a production license I already have

(3) I want to install with an existing masthead

When I chose option 2 and selected the licenseauthorization.cer file, it prompted me for private key file (license.pvk).

My Questions:-

(1) How can I create the license.pvk file prior to this step ?

(2) If the option (option 2) I chose is not the right one, please advice me on the appropriate step i must select.

Thank you very much.

Senthil Nathan M

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Hello Senthil Nathan M,

You need to go with option (1).

A part of install procedures after choosing that option, the license.pvk file will be generated.

More details are introduced here;

Installation Instructions!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Installation%20Instructions

IBM Endpoint Manager Installation Guide

Hope that helps,